I grew up on an island. 

I feel like it’s all I’ve ever known, white sand stretching into the distance and the ocean on all sides. 

For Farron’s Summer 17 Collection I wanted to bring you to the ISLAND.

The inspiration for the collection came during my travels through the South Pacific last year, when I visited a tiny tropical island. I totally lost myself and reverted to my inner island child. I spent lazy days walking the beach, surfing, swimming in the gin-clear water… and dreaming of how I could make my next collection look exactly the way I was feeling right then. 

Our ISLAND Collection is infused with the feeling of those weeks in the South Pacific. Tropical palm tree prints blended with the subtle elegance of orchid flowers, and the refined shades of blue that you see nowhere else on earth. I just wanted to look at the bikinis and be taken straight back there. 

The collection also stays true to what has made Farron so distinctive and so embraced; that classic minimalism, the clean and modern silhouettes, and an emphasis on quality fabrics. 

I’ll meet you on the island. Can’t wait. 

Ash x