FARRON SWIM is all about luxurious minimalism. Luxury in fabrics, minimalist in design. 

Farron is a simple, yet classic refinement of swim. Natural contours, high-end fabrics and a clean aesthetic are the briefs behind Farron. We found a signature in our skinny-strap detailing that perfectly frames the feminine shapes of your body, and our design philosophy remains simple and pure. There are no lurid colours, no-over-the top detailing and straps, just elegant cuts to frame your body and colours simpatico with summer. 

Having grown up on North Stradbroke Island, Designer and Owner Ashton Smith’s collection is island inspired. Farron was born on the beach, under the pandanus and the palms, but carries a high fashion feel.

While most swimwear is designed on trend, Farron offers something timeless – classic, effortless bikinis that last seasons, not just summers – and in a day and age where more is more, we have gone back to basics without compromising luxury and quality. 

FARRON SWIM is the embodiment of summer, an embrace of the sun, and a refreshing of the senses.