In relaunching Farron we wanted to come back with purpose and intent and being apart of the ever growing number of sustainable brands doing their bit for the environment was something we felt strongly to be apart of.
We took the time to search for the right people to connect with, we knew finding people with the a passion for quality and an eco conscious would not come easy.
Quality has always been our signature so changing fabrics wasn't a choice we took lightly, it had become synonymous with Farron as much as the pieces themselves. But it was time for change, polluting the earth isn't cool and no matter how great something looks or feels if there was a better way to do it we were committed to finding that and making it work for us. 
In our journey we have set out to work with our new Italian Textile manufacture to create a product that both their long standing family owned business is proud to manufacture, while combining our need for eco responsibility. We would never compromise quality and feel but we feel right about making the choice to only use recycled fabrics in our swim, why would we want to pollute further pollute the very oceans we cherished? We are proud with what we have created, our fabrics are a silky smooth second skin feel fabric that is 100% recycled from fishing nets discarded on the oceans floor.
Our next step and obviously the most important for Farron was to be made in an environment that we were proud of. We have been incredibly lucky to connect with like minded manufactures where we have set up production in small sampling rooms exclusive to Farron Swim. Productions costs are higher but working conditions are exceptionally better and quality is unmatched. 
All of our Resort is made locally to Stradbroke Island with Fabrics sourced only from Australia, we are beyond proud to support production in Australia. 
We believe that being eco conscious should not sacrifice our customers experience and so while all tags and plastic has left our pieces, it is replaced with all recycled packaging that can then be recycled and repurposed. 
This is not a one step solution, this is a process and has become apart of our brand identity to continue to find ways and practices to better Farron's Global footprint. 
Watch this place.........