This Collection was inspired by an Arvo on the beach, the colours as the sun sets - think rich browns and deep greens. For me watching a sunset makes me feel alive, I feel blessed to have witnessed the beauty and am obsessed with the colour palette of the sky that is ever changing. An arvo swim makes me feel content and is everything I love about summer. Dripping wet on the shoreline as the sun goes down and eating dinner in a bikini. The sweet relief of a slight chill in the air after a day of unstoppable warmth. The colour of the water as the sun sinks. 
This season was all about reaching out to the girl that loves Farron but doesn't think its wearable for her, she has followed our journey on social media and likes all of our pictures, she probably has even tried some of our pieces on a few times without ever feeling fully comfortable to commit to a set. Well now there is something for her! We wanted to give our take on the Farron girl that is perhaps more shy and conservative. The pieces are still sleek and and seamless, impeccable quality  and with that Farron touch of skinny strap detailing that will forever be our signature and endlessly elegant. For us we will always be a basics brand, we live a life of less is more, so the pieces that have been carried through have been tweaked and fine tuned to fit even better than before. 
ARVO Collection - Capsule 1 is now live.