With Ashton Smith of FARRON SWIM
By Lily Keenan - 30/09/2014



Fresh mint, coconuts, sandy legs and baking in the island sun. Farron Swim is the label that promises a vacation every time you pull on a bikini. The upcoming summer 2014 collection is fresh, sexy and playfully sleek. The ultimate escapist piece for your wardrobe, even if you're only travelling as far as the backyard sprinkler.

Summersite collaborator Tim Swallow hung out with the creator behind the label, pocket rocket islander Ashton Smith. She works hard, shreds on a surfboard and wants a shark tooth necklace for Christmas. Hailing from Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Ashton's island beginnings have a strong presence in her label. Every bikini piece is named after a beach from her childhood, and the entire campaign was shot on the island itself. We are pleased to meet Ashton Smith, and very pleased to introduce Farron Swim.

Name… Ashton Smith.

Job Description… Boss Lady at Farron Swim.

Location… By the time you read this I could be anywhere.

Origin… North Stradbroke Island, QLD.

The one thing I’ve learnt about the industry… It’s even better from the inside. But damn it’s hard work.

I didn’t expect my job to be… One big vacation, but I’m trying to keep it that way.

I work hard too… See my dreams in the daytime.

I don't work at all too… Keep this bronze. 100% au naturel.

In my last 5 seconds on earth I would… Grab my pup and chuck the deuces up.

My favourite cliché is… Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Because it does.

The question I wished people would ask me… What do I want for Christmas?

The question I would give is… A new Macbook, a Givenchy shark tooth necklace and Farron Swim to be sold out.

Farron Swim is… Minimalism. Clean Lines. Sexy. A must have.

Farron swim isn’t… Loud prints, a million and one strings or frills.

If Farron swim was a time of day… Super-hot midday sun. Feel that burn baby.

If Farron Swim was a quote from a movie… “I think we are going to need a bigger boat.” - Jaws

If Farron Swim was a flavour… Coconut, of course.

The secret to success… An uneven mixture of guts, hard work, determination and a great product.



By Lily Keenan - 30/09/2014

All photography by - Tim Swallow 


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